General conditions

  • We only sell to the wholesale sector.
  • Prices in this catalogue are excluding VAT and transport costs
  • Our standard delivery term is ex-works our Gothenburg warehouse, in Norway: Exw Oslo, in Finland: Exw Vantaa.
  • We reserve the right for any possible printing errors in the catalogue and/or on the website. MerxTeam is not liable for any damage this may cause
  • We reserve the right to change prices in the catalogue and/or website without prior warning
  • In the event that a customer pays later then the agreed payment term, an interest rate will be charged and the customer is liable for all other extra cost related to this overdue payment.
  • In the event of a complaint the customer must inform MerxTeam within 10 working days for the complaint to be valid.
  • Before signing for delivery acceptance, the customer must always check if the number of parcels is according to the enclosed delivery note.
  • If number of parcels is not according to the delivery note, the driver and MerxTeam must be informed immediately.
  • To reduce the number of small shipments, an environmental cost of 50 SEK is charged for orders under 250 SEK.
  • In case of product running temporarily out of stock it will not be compensated by other product, nor will it be delivered later.

Return of goods

  • MerxTeam must always be contacted before a possible return of goods and must always agree upon any return of goods
  • Only full export cartons can be returned
  • Returns must be made in original packaging and be resaleable.
  • When a customer wishes to return goods and MerxTeam agrees, only 80% of the invoiced value is credited. Any other cost like transport must also be paid by the customer.
  • Returns will only be accepted within 30 days from invoice date.
  • Without a complaint report MerxTeam cannot make any credit note.
  • Returns of furniture will not be accepted.

Print info

  • All yellow, red or orange colors to be printed on a dark surface must be double-printed or printed with a white bottom plate in order to achieve a good result. If the customer only orders one-color printing on a dark surface, we will not accept complaints about the work.
  • Send us the originals in vectorized illustrator eps format and the orders sent in one and the same mail.
  • For express orders (delivery within 10 working days), an express fee of SEK 1000 is charged.
  • For laser engraving, a vectorized eps file is required.
  • Always specify PMS color, size, placement, item number and quantity when ordering.
  • We cannot guarantee exact PMS color.
  • When printing mugs tampo/screen is preferred. The transfer decals are not entirely coverable when you print light color on a dark surface. Since the decals are hand-mounted, we cannot guarantee that the print will always be straight.
  • Mugs that are to be washed in industrial dishwashers must be transfer printed for best durability.
  • The durability of tampo/screen printing for mugs is about 100 machine washes without quality deterioration.
  • Normal delivery time is about 3 weeks after we received an approved proof / test print.
  • We cannot book our printers before we have received a OK of proofs / test print.
  • We reserve the right to deliver +/- 10% of printed goods.
  • In the event of a complaint, we must be contacted within 10 working days for the complaint to be valid.
  • Returns only by agreement with us, action report must always be attached.
  • The first change to the proofing is free, the subsequent changes are charged with SEK 150 gross.

Ordering less then an carton

  • If a customer orders a smaller quantity then a full carton, an extra charge of 10% is calculated.
  • Glass products are only sold in full export cartons.

Damages during transport

  • In case of any transport damage, the customer must notify the driver and MerxTeam immediately.

Products out of stock

  • Products may be out of stock.
  • MerxTeam is not liable for any damage that is caused because products are out of stock or that the website shows incorrect stock availability or other wrong information.
  • When an order is placed on a product that is out of stock, the order on this product is cancelled and the customer must re-order.

Environmental tax on electric appliances and battery driven products

  • According to Swedish law we must charge an environmental tax on our electric appliances and any battery driven product.

Chemical Tax

Why a chemical tax?

The idea of ​​the tax is that one wants to access the flame retardants used in house appliances and electronics. Flame retardants exist to protect against fire, but later research has shown that certain substances can accumulate in the body and be carcinogenic or endocrine disrupting. There are several hundred different types of flame retardants and the most dangerous ones are already banned. The new law is an attempt to further reduce the spread of flame retardants.

Which products are affected?

Flame retardants are used in several different products that exist in our daily lives, eg. home appliances and home electronics. Thus, these products will also be taxed.

How is the tax calculated?

The tax is calculated according to the weight of the product. For house appliances, you pay SEK 8 tax per kilogram of the net weight of the product. For electronic goods, the tax rate is SEK 120 per kilogram. It does not matter how much of the hazardous substance contained in the product - the tax is calculated solely on the weight of the product. Calculation Example A microwave oven weighs 12 kilos. The tax for the product then becomes 12 kg x 8 SEK = 96 SEK

New routines for picking up orders at MerxTeam's warehouse in Gothenburg

  • Orders placed on day 1, can be picked up at day 2 at the earliest.     
  • Pick-up Monday-Thursday between 14-16, Fridays 13-15.     
  • Pick up takes place at Stenkolsgatan 8, 417 07 GÖTEBORG.     
  • Our storage door is locked, so ring on the bell.     
  • Make sure to bring the order numbers for the orders you are going to pick up.  
  • Orders must be picked up within 3 working days.
  • In case of non-collection within 3 days, 80% of the invoice is credited.