About us

It all began at home in the kitchen...

Now we're one of the leading suppliers of restaurant, kitchen and promotional products in Sweden


MerxTeam, spring 1993. From early in the morning until late at night, the small apartment on Kronhusgatan in Gothenburg was a hive of activity. Purchasing, dispatching of goods, customs clearance, orders and deliveries – everything was handled by three workers filled with drive and enthusiasm.

The coffee machine was on permanently. Telephones and fax machines were in constant use. There was a steady stream of customers.

A particularly memorable year was 1994 when we were commissioned to supply cutlery for the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer. 

The deals were made at the kitchen table. The bathroom was the showroom, with the bath itself filled with the latest in glassware, dinner sets and cutlery. The warehouse was a hangar at the old airport at Torslanda.

In 1996 we were contacted by a promotional product company that wanted our kitchen products packed for the Christmas market. The enquiry expanded into an idea and we quickly employed a sales representative. Our Promotional Product business area saw the light of day. The sales force grew; our range was expanded. We purchased another company in the same sector and soon we had a whole range of highly interesting promotional product customers.


The basic idea for us at MerxTeam remains the same: a high-quality range of restaurant and kitchen equipment with the Exxent brand as the base. And with competitive prices, the complete range in stock and rapid distribution. We also handle our own design and artwork, as it is not just products that we sell but complete, enhanced solutions adapted to the customer.

We still have a strong desire to develop, matched by intense zeal and commitment. We want to provide our customers with the best conceivable service in every situation and on every level.

The difference between now and then is that today we have grown to become one of the leading suppliers of restaurant, kitchen and promotional products in Sweden with rapid expansion on other European markets.

The company has 80 employees. The head office is housed in our own premises on Hisingen in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Distribution takes place from two storage facilities. We have branch offices in Sweden, Norway, Poland and Russia. We also have a purchasing office in China manned by local personnel. 

We have also broadened and developed the range. Today we offer not only restaurant and kitchen products but also promotional products and storage and logistics solutions via retailers throughout Europe.

By purchasing other companies and recruiting chefs, restaurant managers and other key personnel from the users' sectors, we have acquired the proficiency and experience that makes us even more expert purchasers. We have a network of carefully selected manufacturers that satisfy our requirements in Asia and Europe and at the same time we are constantly searching for new suppliers who can raise the bar even higher.

With our own designers we can pick up on our customers' requirements for functional, image-enhancing design and create new, high-quality products at the right price.

Our IT specialists and logistics experts develop solutions that offer our customers optimal availability and the most rapid delivery possible and at the same time avoiding inventory risk and the need to tie up capital. We have a solid capital base and a very strong financial situation. We have for many years had the highest credit rating - AAA.

Through our successful expansion we have never lost sight of what it was that characterised that ambitious trio in the apartment on Kronhusgatan all those years ago: a willingness to be there when necessary and personal commitment that went way beyond the norm. 

We have a system in place to meet every conceivable challenge presented to us by our customers. If necessary, everyone – including the CEO – rolls up their sleeves to pick and pack until the delivery is secured and ready.

High-quality products for professionals and consumers.

Catering & Retail

A complete range for retailers, with restaurant and kitchen products adapted to the professional and consumer markets.

Promotional products 

A wide range for retailers within the promotional products sector, with promotional and kitchen products intended for the corporate and consumer markets.