Exxelentcard is a gift voucher which entitles the receiver to choose a gift from an assortment of quality products.

It is very simple. You either select one of eight gifts printed on the physical card, fill out the order form and send it to us. Or you point your web browser to www.exxelentcard.com and log on with your card number. You are then able to select a gift from a larger assortment. The gift are delivered to your service location and you will receive a dispatch note via SMS when your parcel can be collected.

Resellers can create Exxelentcards simple and easy by clicking on "Buy" in the menu.

An Exxelentcard can be customized in the following ways:

Your front page of choice. Either choose one of our high quality theme images och upload one of your own.
Select eight products that will be printed on the card.
Write your personal greeting message.
Place your company logo.
Receivers who choose to redeem their Exxelentcard online will be greeted by your logo and your message. Exxelentcard is now available all year around so you can use it for campaigns, product launching, events etc.

Prices are excluding VAT and shipping costs.

We are convinced that a person who receives an Exxelentcard will be satisfied with the gift.