We do our best in order to make our customers feel more than satisfied with our products and cooperation. We at MerxTeam work actively with quality, environment and creating a positive workplace.

Quality Policy

MerxTeam AB's quality policy is built on the following foundations:

• To strive to always live up to customer's requirements and expectations.
• A guiding principle is to do right immediately.
• Active leadership and committed employees.
• Create strong profitability for our customers and for Merx Team
• Continually develop and improve service and product range.
• Within our quality management system, actively work towards continuous quality improvement.

MerxTeam AB is since 2011 certified with ISO 9001.

Link to the certificate in PDF format

Environmental Policy

MerxTeam AB is operationally work to protect and contribute to the proper care of the external and internal environment by:

• Increase the knowledge and awareness of environmental issues among our employees and suppliers.
• Continuously working to improve the use of  resources and prevent pollution.
• Optimize our the transportation of our goods, in order to reduce harmful emissions and use of fossil fuels.
• Within our environmental management system, actively work for continuous environmental improvements
• Comply with applicable environmental legislation and regulations and other requirements

• Using green electricity

MerxTeam AB is since 2011 certified with ISO 14001

Link to the certificate in PDF format

MerxTeam AB are connected to the FTI, Swedish packaging recycling system for business.

Link to the certificate in PDF format

Work Environment Policy

Within MerxTeam we believe that a good physical, mental and social work environment is the foundation for a stimulating and enjoyable workplace with dedicated employees. Therefore, we believe it is important to continuously evaluate and improve the work environment within MerxTeam.

Our organization is made up of people and our  work environment is characterized by a good atmosphere, team work and creativity. Our values, compassion, respect and openness must be the basis of our personnel work.

MerxTeam's goal is to:

• Prevent work-related illness and accidents
• Create a good physical and psychological work environment